EM SERIES Marine Type Cable Trays

EM SERIES Cable Trays

Type: Marine Type
Property: Designed for the shipping industry
Code: EM
Advantages: Solutions suitable for the sector
Thickness: 0,80 – 2,00 mm
Width: 100-600 mm

Coating Types

Technical Tables

#Product CodeProduct Description T (mm) W (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight(kg/m)
1EM-05015-100Marine Type Cable Tray1.050150.612
2EM-10015-100Marine Type Cable Tray1.0100150.980
3EM-15015-100Marine Type Cable Tray1.0150151.217
4EM-20015-150Marine Type Cable Tray1.5200152.464
5EM-25015-150Marine Type Cable Tray1.5250153.066
6EM-30015-150Marine Type Cable Tray1.5300153.658
NoProduct CodeProduct Description T (mm) W (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight(kg/m)
1EM-05030-100Marine Type Cable Tray1.050300.911
2EM-10030-100Marine Type Cable Tray1.0100301.100
3EM-15030-100Marine Type Cable Tray1.0150301.294
4EM-20030-150Marine Type Cable Tray1.5200301.587
5EM-25030-150Marine Type Cable Tray1.5250302.050
6EM-30030-150Marine Type Cable Tray1.5300301.195

*Hot Dip Galvanized (TS EN ISO 1461)

  • Product weights are approximate values, may vary by ± 10%.
  • Product weights on the table reflect the weights of products coated with hot dip galvanizing method.
  • Standard lengths are 2500 mm and 3000 mm.
  • Please contact to your customer representative for detailed information and for your demands with special dimensions.

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