Eurotray Cable Support Systems

Our Products & Solutions

Cable Trays

These are cable management systems composed of trays, mounting support systems, direction changing parts, connection parts and fittings with the purpose of carrying and fixing cables safely in the electrical installations.

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Cable Ladders

These products are designed to carry heavier cable loads compared to the standard perforated cable trays. This product group offers easiness in vertical applications. On the other hand the form of cables ladders offers natural...

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Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Thanks to its special structure, it is the most suitable solution for installations where high cable heating is expected and/or industrial hygiene is required. Its common use areas are "data centers", " food manufacturing plants" and...

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Earthing & Grounding Systems

Our system consists of all necessary metal fixing parts, lines and special parts for leakage of electricity to the ground on conductive way which is vital for all electrical projects.

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Underfloor Systems

We offer this product group for practical cabling solutions in raised floor applications which is, nowadays, commonly preferred in many projects.

Cable Clamps

Our products are offered in a wide variety so as to fix the low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage cables in the most appropriate way. On the other hand, these products can also be used for fixing of installation pipes.

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Electrical Metallic Tubes & Conduits

In some sections of the electrical installation, due to the its advantages, conduits are preferred to carry the cables. With our products we offer many solutions for this need and create alternatives to projects for the safest and efficient carry of cables.

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Solar Mounting Structures

We produce steel Solar Mounting Structures, specially designed according to the requirement of the field, for Solar Power Plants in the modern machinery of our Dilovasi and Sekerpinar plants. We provide exceptional service to...

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Mechanical Support Systems

We produce the most appropriate connection and suspension components required during the installations of ventilation, cooling, heating and extinguishing projects and there we offer specific product designs for special needs.

Racking and Shelving Systems

In order to maximize the storage space, we design, manufacture and install systems mainly consist of profiles and fasteners and offer turnkey special solutions.

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Seismic Bracing Systems

Earthquake reality is considered as an important factor in the construction of buildings in residential areas which have to live on the active fault lines and modern buildings are constructed...

Facade Fixing Systems

We are manufacturing the steel connections and parts necessary for fixing the layer, which may be glass, stone or else under architectural or aesthetic reasons, correctly to the...