EF SERIES Underfloor Cable Tray

ef serisi döşeme altı kablo kanalları 1

EF SERİSİ Cable Tray

Type: Underfloor Cable Tray
Property: Designed for use under raised floors.
Code: EF
Advantages: Suitable solution for usage area
Thickness: 0,80 – 1,50 mm
Width: 100-300 mm

Coating Types

Technical Tables

#Product CodeProduct Description T (mm) W (mm)H (mm)Until Weight(kg/m)
1EF-16030-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.8160502.952
2EF-16030-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.0160503.690
3EF-16030-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.2160504.427
4EF-16030-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.5160505.534
5EF-20030-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.8200753.693
6EF-20030-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.0200754.616
7EF-20030-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.2200755.539
8EF-20030-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.5200756.924
9EF-24030-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.82401004.220
10EF-24030-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.02401005.275
11EF-24030-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.2240756.330
12EF-24030-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.5240757.913
13EF-30030-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.83001004.911
14EF-30030-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.03001006.139
15EF-30030-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.23001507.366
16EF-30030-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.53001509.208
17EF-16040-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.8160753.316
18EF-16040-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.0160754.145
19EF-16040-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.21601004.974
20EF-16040-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.51601006.217
21EF-20040-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.82002004.057
22EF-20040-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.02002005.071
23EF-20040-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.26002006.085
24EF-20040-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.56002007.607
25EF-24040-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.82502404.584
26EF-24040-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.02502405.731
27EF-24040-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.22502406.877
28EF-24040-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.52502408.596
29EF-30040-080Underfloor Cable Tray0.83003005.275
30EF-30040-100Underfloor Cable Tray1.03003006.594
31EF-30040-120Underfloor Cable Tray1.23003007.913
32EF-30040-150Underfloor Cable Tray1.53003009.891

*Hot Dip Galvanized (TS EN ISO 1461)

  • Product weights are approximate values, may vary by ± 10%.
  • Product weights on the table reflect the weights of products coated with hot dip galvanizing method.
  • Standard lengths are 2500 mm and 3000 mm.
  • Please contact to your customer representative for detailed information and for your demands with special dimensions.